Why Melomania?

Melomania started in 2017 because there was a need to not only share the stories of musical artists, but to also showcase the songs, places, and people that are making an impact in the alternative music world and culture.

What we love about the term "alternative," is that it pretty much means that anything goes...and all we are looking for are the songs that will create your next  lyrical obsession... or your next digital mixed tape...

Meet the Melomania Team

Tamara Starr

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Favorite song lyric:

I want something good to die for... to make it beautiful to live.

"Go with the Flow" -Queens of the Stone Age



Tim Turbiak

Features Editor

Favorite song lyric:

I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go. Now all I need is just to hear a song I know.

"A Praise Chorus"- Jimmy Eat World



Shino Takahashi

Arts and Culture Editor

Favorite song lyric:

Take me out tonight. Where there's music and there's people who are young and alive.

"There is a Light That Never Goes Out" - The Smiths